Testimonial – 737

We have gotten great results!

I had been interested in expanding both my internet presence and also driving business into my office as a result. When I had met Dave, he showed me during his first consultation that my office’s presence was not very strong on the first page of Google and less noticeable on several other search engines. We were also non-existent on YouTube. After meeting with Dave and knowing that he truly understood his business, we chose to move ahead with his NetCare program.

Dave had told me that it would take approximately 90 days for my office’s presence to be on every search engine and to start to be populated in all of the business directories. And that’s what happened. By the end of that period, I experienced significant increases in people both calling the office and coming in for appointments. It has been consistent ever since!!! When it was time to renew the program it was an easy decision to say yes!

Dave and his team did exactly what they said they would do. They did the work on time and followed up to make sure things were going as planned.

They went above and beyond our expectations which turned out to be a nice surprise.

I felt that the prices from Miles Internet Marketing were much better than the competition and they were very fair considering what I got in return.

I would tell any business owner that was looking to increase their business to make sure they had a consultation with Miles Internet Marketing. Dave and his team are very well prepared in evaluating your website design, your presence on the search engines and on YouTube. He will also provide you with several options for enhancing your presence in both the search engines and social media such as his high ranking video ads which we are preparing to have them start on.

I’m sure we will use Dave and his team of professionals for many more marketing projects in the future.

Mike G. (This client requested not to give out his business info so it has been withheld)