12 Key Criteria for Effective Websites

  1. You must have the proper structure (layout) and content
  2. Give your visitor value
  3. Know your targeted visitor
  4. Serve 70% + of them effectively
  5. Keep it simple. Use the ‘read more button’ (less is more)
  6. Add images and video whenever possible
  7. It must be pleasant looking but it MUST also be functional
  8. Have a “Call To Action” (CTA) on every page (You have to      tell them what to do)
  9. Being mobile friendly-CRITICAL in the world of smartphone      usage
  10. Have a lead capture form on multiple pages (build your list)
  11. Three most important factors for ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO) are:

Bounce Rate

Average time spent on the site

Keyword relevancy

  1. Have a reliable hosting account to maintain your website on


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