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Video Marketing

Video Marketing

We work diligently to make sure your company is getting the video marketing results you desire. If you are ready to take your business.

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Video Statistics

Video Statistics

More than 6 billion hours of video are watched monthly on YouTube and Mobile makes up almost 40% of global watch time on YouTube. – YouTube

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Why Video Works

Why Video Works

We live in fast-paced world where more than 50% of people use mobile phones and tablets as their primary online connections.

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5 stars

We have gotten great results!

I had been interested in expanding both my internet presence and also driving business into my office as a result. When I had met Dave, he showed me during his first consultation that my office’s presence was not very strong on the first page of Google and less noticeable on several other search engines. We were also non-existent on YouTube. After meeting with Dave and knowing that he truly understood his business, we chose to move ahead with his NetCare program.

Dave had told me that it would take approximately 90 days for my office’s presence to be on every search engine and to start to be populated in all of the business directories. And that’s what happened. By the end of that period, I experienced significant increases in people both calling the office and coming in for appointments. It has been consistent ever since!!! When it was time to renew the program it was an easy decision to say yes!

Dave and his team did exactly what they said they would do. They did the work on time and followed up to make sure things were going as planned.

They went above and beyond our expectations which turned out to be a nice surprise.

I felt that the prices from Miles Internet Marketing were much better than the competition and they were very fair considering what I got in return.

I would tell any business owner that was looking to increase their business to make sure they had a consultation with Miles Internet Marketing. Dave and his team are very well prepared in evaluating your website design, your presence on the search engines and on YouTube. He will also provide you with several options for enhancing your presence in both the search engines and social media such as his high ranking video ads which we are preparing to have them start on.

I’m sure we will use Dave and his team of professionals for many more marketing projects in the future.

Mike G. (This client requested not to give out his business info so it has been withheld)

Mike G. Walpole MA
5 stars

We could not have been Happier with our results!

Working with Dave Miles and his team at Miles Internet Marketing has been great. The whole team was very professional and organized. We were surprised when we saw exciting results within the first week of posting our video.

Dave and his  team know their stuff and got our video on the first page of Google and at the very top of YouTube very  quickly. They worked fast and kept us updated with ranking results on a timely basis.

I would definitely work with Dave and his team at Miles Internet Marketing again. They were outstanding!

Bryan R. Franklin, MA
5 stars

I was so impressed I hired him to do other projects for me!

Dave Miles DOES WHAT HE SAYS! After meeting Dave at various United Regional Chamber of Commerce events I became intrigued by what he said he did and how he did it. I finally decided to meet with Dave so he could show me one on one what he was all about. I decided to put my trust (and dollars) into Dave and I could not be happier. He said he would bring my web site to the top of search engines and in a very short time he did just that. I encourage you to talk to Dave. He will do what he says!

Gerry Dooley, Franklin MA
5 stars

A Great Experience! Working Together was Great! Miles Internet Marketing has provided great consulting service for my business. Great insights and ideas have been shared that have helped me fine tune my business. I highly recommend their services for internet marketing.

Dean R. in Conroe, TX
5 stars

The best Business Decision I Have Ever Made!

“As a small business owner, I wear several hats running my business. However, over the years I’ve learned to delegate the tasks that I am not great at and hire companies to do them instead in a more efficient fashion. Among those tasks, I have hired bookkeeping services, payroll services, a graphic designer for my promotional materials and my latest partnership was with Miles Internet Marketing.

Nowadays the internet has become the number one destination for consumers to start ANY search on products and services. For a small company like mine, I don’t have the time, the expertise nor the staff necessary to develop a broad and effective internet presence on my own.

Miles Internet Marketing and Dave Miles are a great addition to my business. Their services are affordable; Dave is very knowledgeable about his industry and just a phone call away if any question comes up. I started to see the phone ringing more often just after one month – even when Dave told me it would take about three months to start noticing a change.

Because the way Miles Internet Marketing works, my company is ranking higher and higher among the top search engines. Their Search Engine Optimization service goes way beyond the stuff that other companies tried to sell to me at much higher prices. When potential clients see my company listed on the top three-four spots of the page, it makes my job a lot easier to close the sale as the consumer is already half sold.

I would recommend Miles Internet Marketing and Dave Miles if you are looking to develop a solid web presence (as long as you are not my competition). They will be happy to consult with you to determine the areas that you can use help to promote your business. Ask them to create a report that will show you a massive amount of information about your company. The report has a $1,300 value but they will sometimes run it and deliver it to you for free, or a reduced price but don’t tell them I said that. That is how I was first introduced to Miles Internet Marketing and the report was such an eye opener I had to talk to them on how to fix the issues I was facing. It was the best business decision I have made!”

Roger Magalhaes


Roger M